KORAL, the NGO Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries and Marine Affairs, is a coalition consisting of non-governmental civil society organizations focusing on work and campaigns to realize sustainable fisheries and marine governance. KORAL was founded in 2020 and consists of 9 organizations, namely: Indonesian Forum for the Environment (WALHI), People’s Coalition for Fisheries Justice (KIARA), Indonesia Ocean Justice Initiative (IOJI), EcoNusa Foundation, Pandu Laut Nusantara, Greenpeace Indonesia, Destructive Fishing Watch (DFW), the Terangi Foundation and the Indonesian Center for Environmental Law (ICEL). These organizations took the initiative to collaborate under the tagline #BersamaJagaLaut.


Carry out critical research, public discussions, and develop recommendations for solutions at multiple levels and actions as part of advocacy and public campaigns to realize sustainable and equitable marine and fisheries governance in Indonesia, as well as implement the principles of participatory democracy.

Core Value

Collectively communicate problems that occur in society and the environment in relation to marine and fisheries to the government and policy makers.

KORAL Members

Pimpinan KORAL